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My Cup of Tea

November 13, 2016


Tea - the nations favourite drink! Most of us brits won't go a day without our beloved 'brew' Being a northerner, family life revolved around the kettle, its the first thing we say when we walk through the front door, "Get the kettle on!!" and its like music to our ears.


The amount of times I've heard someone say after being abroad for a week or two "Oo, I can't wait to get home to my own bed and to have a proper cup of tea" Well I've lost count.


And if I went to someones house who didn't have tea bags in, I would start to question our friendship! "no tea bags?! is this person for real!?!"


So, this is why I thought I would dedicate a post the beverage that is "a hug in a cup" 


My favourite teas and their benefits...


1. English Breakfast Tea


Lets not muck about; it would be rude of me to not start with the good old English breakfast tea. Good for the soul! 

As a born and bred Lancashire lass everything can be solved by putting the kettle on and making a 'proper brew.' My grandma gave me milky tea in the bottle and I've not looked back since! 


2. Pukka - Night time


"A dreamy bed of organic oat flower, lavender and lime flower"

It is the perfect bedtime tea that puts you in a cosy state, making you feel calm and relaxed ready for a restful nights sleep.


3. Pukka - Turmeric Gold


The wonder spice that is the talk of the town for its incredible health benefits.

"Turmeric Gold tea is an organic golden blend of the finest Indian turmeric, lemon fruit & whole leaf green tea." Pukka Herbs 

Want more recipes for turmeric - click here to read my post '7 ways to add turmeric into your life'


4. Twinings Echinacea and Raspberry


Echinacea root is known to support the body's defences so its good to drink when you are not feeling your best. Combined with raspberry its a delicious fruity tea that leaves you feeling refreshed! 


5.Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey


If I feel like I'm coming down with something like a sore throat this is my go to natural remedy. You can pour a mug of water into a pan along with a knob of peeled, sliced fresh ginger and leave to boil for 15-20 minutes. Sieve the ginger tea back into your mug along with the juice of half a lemon and a tsp of Manuka honey. It works a treat! 


6. Yogi Tea - Woman's Tea 


"A delicious blend of ginger, orange peel, angelica root and Ayurvedic spices, this unique tea helps support balance and harmony in the natural cycles of life." 

When its the 'time of the month' and all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and cry into a bowl of your favourite grub, do it with this tea at hand - its very soothing and makes my first painful day not as hellish as it could be!


7, Teapigs - Darjeeling Earl Grey 


"The exotic, floral tones of Darjeeling tea are balanced with the zesty citrus taste of bergamot."

I think of this tea as a 'posh' tea.  You can drink it with a slice of lemon or a dash of milk. Both are pretty good for a classy afternoon tea! 


Right thats it from me, time to put the kettle on!! 


Whats your favourite tea?!

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